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Social Media

We can not go without social media in our advanced and digital world. It is and will be an extraordinary innovation. Throughout the years, social media grew and brought people together more than ever before. The use of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube is essential in your marketing plan. Moreover, social media is the perfect platform to showcase to the public how your business works. The power of social media is found in influencers. Up to this day, content creators and influencers are the biggest players on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. They often have a big reach that consists of specific target groups on which you, as a company, want to focus.


Good Public Relations translate into good communication, integration and strategy.


Influencer Marketing

At the base of Next Chapter Agency is influencer marketing. You can showcase the narrative of your business or product straight onto the social media platform of your desired target group, thanks to the big reach of influencers and content creators. Through the use of influencer marketing, you can choose a way that radiates trust and keeps your audience hooked to the advertisements. Your target group wants to discover the content of their favourite influencer or content creator, by which you receive the attention that you would get via traditional marketing.

Content Creatie

Thanks to good collaboration with photo- and videographers Next Chapter Agency can provide footage custom for your brand or product. Next Chapter Agency doesn’t only provide guidance for businesses but also our exclusive talents get coached and guided with creating their content. Next to experience with Instagram (feed post, stories en reels), we jump onto TikTok trends and work out YouTube formats.

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Event Marketing

Deploying content creators or influencers for your events could be a smart choice to promote your events. Based on your events we chose the right profiles in coordination. the first step in the right direction is set when your target audience gets reached thanks to the creation of an online experience.


At Next Chapter Agency is management as one of the key opponents. Every one of our managers gets trained to be a specialist in their branch. Your online campaigns get strictly managed and guided where necessary. Next Chapter Agency offers an all-around approach to talent matching, content creation, production, reports and evaluations. Additionally, our exclusive content creators or influencers can go to our managers for legal advice, negotiations, project management and content creation. Transparent communication is key.